Professional vocal coaching

Improve your vocal range with Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher in Bristol.

Excellent amenities

Do you want to take up examinations, live accompaniment or musicianship training? At Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher, there are all the studio facilities you require. Lorraine's students have achieved excellent ABRSM examination results from non-selective entry: 30% distinction, 40% merit and 30% pass percentage.

Whether you're a fan of opera or pop music, you will find the help you need to improve your singing style.


Improve your skills

  • Auditions
  • Leading roles
  • Sight reading
  • Recitative
  • Languages
  • Theatre skills
  • Vocal training
  • Classical voice coaching

You are with an expert

When you choose Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher, you can be confident in knowing that you are learning from a highly qualified and experienced instructor.

Whatever your age, background or musical experience, we have classes that can help you gain better understanding of music. Lorraine's music school is located centrally in Bristol.


Take the first step toward achieving musical excellence with
Lorraine Worley's vocal coaching classes.

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