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Whatever stage of learning you are at, you can count on Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher to help you make the most of your musical skills.

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Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced stage of learning, you are sure to benefit from Lorraine's tuition. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us and contact us.

What existing customers said

"Lorraine you were fantastic today – you really injected life into the Zakhele Group and ours too! Thank you so much"
- Line Manager

“I highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who is asking for a singing teacher but of course know that with Lorraine Worley you get so much more! ”
- Charlotte Fortune

We loved her Grade 7 pieces and must thank you for the significant progress she made with her voice.
- Mother of student

Get the encouragement you need

"From a very young age I loved to sing. When I started secondary school I wanted to learn how to sing properly with proper technique which lead me to having 1-1 singing lessons with Lorraine. I trained under lorraine’s guidance from 11 to 15 years old. In those years I learnt about breath control, how to feel and lift the soft palette, anchoring and even basic piano just to name a few. In this period my voice broke which changed it dramatically. However, Lorraine nurtured me through this change with great ability at a time when I almost wanted to give up as I could no longer hit the notes I once use to. She helped me find my ‘man voice’ with vocal exercises and songs to suit my new range. I did my level 3-6 singing exams, level 5 music theory and many competitions in which I was very successful. Without Lorraine I simply wouldn’t be where I am today. She gave me the confidence and tools I needed so that I could pursue my dream of appearing on the West End and now I’m living that dream."
- KM

"Lorraine is fun, sincere and widely knowledgeable and experienced in the art of singing and teaching. Lessons are tailored specifically to your needs and goals with flexibility as required. Lorraine doesn’t stop until she has got the best out of you. A dedicated teacher and mentor who is an expert in her field."
- JC

"Lorraine has exceptional teaching talents and skills to really bring out the best in my daughter's voice and also in her approach to learning. She instills true passion for the voice and musicality, showing absolute respect of her pupils whilst inspiring them and motivating them to achieve more. I have never seen my daughter so excited and animated when talking about her lessons and pieces. Lorraine has focused on her as an individual, sourcing music that suits her voice yet also challenges her. We have been delighted with the results and with the support that Lorraine gives to us throughout the process."
- NE

“Lorraine and I started working together when I was 12 and helped me through my voice change which is never an easy time for boys. She gave me the confidence and a safe environment to learn about my voice while teaching me the discipline required for a professional singing career. We have remained friends and she has been to London to see my performances in the West End such as Princeton in Avenue Q and Marius in Les Miserables in particular. I am proud to have been one of her students”
- Jon Robyns

"*Very age-appropriate with a nice mix of traditional and music theatre.
*Content: Good, she has worked towards a type of performance each term.
*Theory: Not an area she enjoys as much but a good amount of time is spent on this without overkill.
*Enjoyment of lessons: Huge considering she has to get up early on Saturday and travel for 45mins.
*Exam result ABRSM grade 2 Distinction (142) July-2015"
Mother of student, age 10, – answers to questionnaire

“Lorraine Worley helped me discover my voice. Guided by her expert knowledge of the voice and in particular, young singers, she laid the solid foundations for my vocal technique focussing on breath, placement and musicianship. Lorraine’s experience and understanding allow her to encourage voices to develop at a completely and natural pace, ensuring they are never pushed or strained. She is a thoroughly gifted teacher and I thoroughly recommend her.”
Eshter M, Professional soprano & Graduate Queens College Oxford


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