Skilled music teacher

Learn opera, musical theatre, pop and jazz at a comfortable pace with Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher in Bristol.

Intensive training

Lorraine offers a solid training in a range of music genres. We place an emphasis on languages, Bel Canto and repertoire as well as a strong emphasis on musicianship and communication skills. There is so much to gain from Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher lessons. For more information contact Lorraine today.

Although trained as a chorister and a classical singer, Lorraine’s formative experiences were also steeped in swing, jazz and popular idioms. This has given her a natural instinct for these genres. We offer vocal coaching as well as musical qualifications in a range of fields.

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Musical services include:

  • Classical and operatic voice coaching
  • Musical theatre coaching
  • Choral training for NYCGB and other organisations
  • Voice production
  • Basic theory
  • Examinations and diplomas
  • Pre-conservatoire training
  • Advanced repertoire

Make the most of your talent

Even if you are gifted with a good voice, it takes a lot of effort to be a good singer. The best results are only gained after intense training with a qualified teacher. That's exactly what you can achieve with lessons from Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher.

You can approach us for vocal coaching and musical qualifications in various musical genres. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

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If you are looking for a friendly and versatile music teacher in
Bristol, your search ends at Lorraine Worley Singing Teacher.

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